7 ten​/​eleven 99

by Edwin White

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Created and Recorded on the spot,July 10/11 1999, I recorded as I made it up.stream of unconsciousness ;-). Rick Amos and I played a duo called 2ez since 1981. Rick got a EHX 16-second delay in the early days and would form arrhythmic tonal clusters that we would play and improvise through. We did not use the loop as a linear device. In this set of recordings I do not loop the drum, as the loop offers the pulse and cadence. I create different layers at once and loop back to fill in spaces. This is more intuitive and free form. I just loop and intertwine the joy.


released December 6, 2011

Edwin G White vocal,djembe,Gurian guitar through Lexicon 32 second Jamman, Digitech Vocalist,N/D 767 mic.



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Edwin White Orlando, Florida

loved to hold the sustain pedal down and, rolling over the bass keys and black keys on the piano, as a child,making thunder and rain sounds.Got a uke in1963 and started the guitar in 67.Plays upside down left handed on right stringed instruments. Heard "Poeme Electronique" in 65 and knew that he was not alone. Caught a ride to FLA in 72 and started making a living at music in 77. ... more

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Track Name: Leaving Twin Bluffs
I am attached to Twin Bluffs. When I left to go to FL in 72. I related to the song "River" by Joni Mitchell"It don't snow here, It stays pretty green, I'm gonna make a lotta money,gonna quit this crazy scene....I wish I had a river...I could skate away on. I got to Orlando in Nov 72 and was alone by December.
I grew up ice skating and also biking out to Twin Bluffs.

I made the "CD" during July 10/11 1999. By playing into a cassette recorder ,making everything ,words,music as I played. Some songs were scat singing,some the words evolved. the start of this song has just that second or two of the words starting to form from just vocal sounds,as the image of the bluffs and my decision then to leave them and go out into the world to follow my dreams.

here are the words:
send them all up send it all away, pack the rabbit,send the baby, send them all away, take the chances, find you a map new directions, take the sack ,make your baby, take the map,grab your bag and go away, dont look back,dont you look, dont you smell the air dont you breathe in the wind, its behind you now,pack up your bags and make your way...make your way.....make your way